Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weigh of life

  Good afternoon friends. Hope everyone is having a lovely day :-) today I thought I would talk about the suffering of healthy starvation I'm going through lol.

So for a while now I've been trying to lose a size or two... but failing miserably lol. Went to the gym, grew size cause my muscle grew on to my squish. Tried not eating out. Pfft. Took away cokes. Worked for a month and then caved in and it came back with a hairy vengeance. And of course tried the home workout.... ha! That lasted a total of two weeks. I'm not good without a push. Self motivation sucks. After a while I  just said screw it I'm going to be squishy and happy.
So Tralalalala, eating out, drinking cokes, eating candy like a kid, snacking something awful.

Then a mom mentioned on facebook something about herbalife. And I asked and went to a sampler. The samples weren't the best. But I decided I would try it. And it's not bad. It's not fantastic.... but it's not bad. They have some really good flavors. You just have to risk the chance of getting a horribly tasting one. There's a lot so it's not a huge risk. It's expensive though. So when you get one you don't like, you stomach that ish down!! Lol (my first time, rasberry fluff, bad choices).
  But what you do is you substitute a meal for a shake that's got all of your protein in it and drink this tea that, well, idk what it does honestly, it's good though. Basically starving yourself while staying healthy. And OMG it's  soooooooo hard to not eat. It's like when you don't have time to grab lunch or you forget, and by the time work is about to end you become a mixture between the dragon lady and cruela devil and fires coming out of your nose and the smallest things set you off. And then all you can think about is eating snickers cause the saying "you're not you when you're hungry " just replays in your head and it's the most tantalizing thing ever!! Lol.

  So here I am at herbalife. It's my 5th day. Pumpkin cinnamon roll. It's a good one. Idk if it's working yet. You're supposed to do two shakes a day and it comes with the tea each time.. and at six bucks a shake/tea. Hahaha. I work at a daycare ok. Ain't nobody got money for that. So I've just been doing one a day. I feel healthier. It's getting easier by a smidgen. And if it did work (I started on Tuesday, they're closed weekends, so Monday is day five) I blew it this weekend. Absolutely blew it lol. But it's much easier to stick with then working out and salad every day. In my opinion anyways. I eventually want to get the package. And when I do I'll let yall know how that goes :-):-)

Eat something greasy for me!!!!! 

Until next time! 

Classy Momma

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