Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kid Sense

  So as I said, I work at a daycare. It's the most stressful, funnest job you could have. Definitely isn't for everyone. Requires a lot of patience and control. And of course a person who is good with kids. 

 I don't want to brag or anything but uh... I got a way with the kids :p idk if you would say it's a charm, it's more of a sense..That the kids have....but you know how dogs can smell other dogs on you, and so when you first meet they're all over your legs sniffing, smelling the other dogs and make the assumption that because there was so much love in the smell, that means yall were friends so Hey why not let's be friends, and it becomes permanent by scratching their ears and a lick on the hand? Well I think that I've been around kids so much, that they just sense the other kids. Magically, or by left over boogies rubbed off, idk? But they see me. Watch me a little bit. Shy smile. I smile back. They grab my hand (oh hey complete stranger let's hold hands) crawl in my lap.. sneeze in my face.  And then boom! We're friends. 

  And I'm bringing this up because this happens everywhere, a lot!! No joke.
  For instance: Went to eat dinner with a friend and his family, his nephew was there. They told him about me having a son. Get there, and he was like "where's your baby?"  Told him he was coming with his dad. "Mmm. Ok. Hey do you have  a phone for me to play games on? " "yes" "can I have it?" "alright" and then not joking, coughed in my face, and asked "can I sit in your lap? ". Never met him before. And just like that. Buddies the rest of the night.

 Other time, we were at McDonalds, and were playing in the playhouse, played almost two hours just cause I made so many friends. Yeah. That's right. Made friends in the McDonalds playhouse. Don't judge me lol. It's like they just know. It's a kid sense :-)
  Am I the only one who has these random encounters? 

Lol until next time

Classy Momma

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