Wednesday, June 26, 2013


  Mkay so we live out in the country. We have a cotton field on each side of us. And with country living comes peace, quiet, beautiful stars, more free will..... and field mice.
  There used to be country cats outside. Until Hank came along. He had him a feast  that week.. so the field mice are out to play.
  It started with the one. It was a regular sized mouse. Like Ratatouille if you need a visual. We had a run in once or twice. It was awkward. Kind of like when you're trying to turn out of an an isle at Walmart and someone is trying to go straight so yall get caught in this weird "you go I go" dance. Literally exactly what it was like. So we both decided to turn around and go the other way. It was strangely human like??  Thank you Pixar for giving me the impression that mice can have human tendencies! Lol.
  Anywho. After one or two run ins he just kind of disappeared. We thought we were rid of mousies. Haha thought. About a week or two after, we heard a scurry. And we were like heeees baaaack!!  And this time it's not a ratatouille mouse. It's more like the mouse on Alice in wonderland. And there's more than one. I think there's two. I could be wrong. But if anything, there's only two out at a time.
  Let me just tell you. These mouses. Mices...rodents, don't know how to be a mouse. First of all, they are not sneaky. At all. Come out in BROAD daylight like nobodies home, not even try to hide, walking across the hallway, not down it, ACROSS it, and WALKING!? Then, Garrett is brushing his teeth, brave ass just runs across his feet like a dam bump in the road. They talk to each other, at night, while ya know, they're supposed to be quiet and not make their presence known, but no let's just have a casual conversation instead. So we're laying in bed and you hear a few squeaks from one corner of the room, a pause, and a few squeaks from the other corner. And then, they've put on a few grams and apparently have an ass now cause when they aren't being lazy and run to go under the door, you just hear this "thadump" from being to fat to fit through the crack. I feel like they didn't get the memo for mouse training.
  And poor Jayden, he was playing with his toys the other day and I'm sitting on the bed and he moves his tractor and then made this awful gasp and fought to get on the bed and I was like baby what's wrong and he was sobbing the mouse is in my toooooooys, and now he plays more cautiously. And I'm pretty sure they're molesting his toy hamster..... every night I make Jayden clean up all of his toys k. And this morning I wake up and look over and see his toy hamster upside down by his toy chest.... and my immediate thought, "dirty shameful mouse".
  Garrett wants to get a mouse trap and snap them.... but I feel some empathy for them. They're newbies. And don't know proper mouse protocol. And so confident in their mouseness at the same time. And they're tiny..... but alas, I feel that won't save them. My nights aren't going to be as entertaining without my nightly mouse gossip :(

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weigh of life

  Good afternoon friends. Hope everyone is having a lovely day :-) today I thought I would talk about the suffering of healthy starvation I'm going through lol.

So for a while now I've been trying to lose a size or two... but failing miserably lol. Went to the gym, grew size cause my muscle grew on to my squish. Tried not eating out. Pfft. Took away cokes. Worked for a month and then caved in and it came back with a hairy vengeance. And of course tried the home workout.... ha! That lasted a total of two weeks. I'm not good without a push. Self motivation sucks. After a while I  just said screw it I'm going to be squishy and happy.
So Tralalalala, eating out, drinking cokes, eating candy like a kid, snacking something awful.

Then a mom mentioned on facebook something about herbalife. And I asked and went to a sampler. The samples weren't the best. But I decided I would try it. And it's not bad. It's not fantastic.... but it's not bad. They have some really good flavors. You just have to risk the chance of getting a horribly tasting one. There's a lot so it's not a huge risk. It's expensive though. So when you get one you don't like, you stomach that ish down!! Lol (my first time, rasberry fluff, bad choices).
  But what you do is you substitute a meal for a shake that's got all of your protein in it and drink this tea that, well, idk what it does honestly, it's good though. Basically starving yourself while staying healthy. And OMG it's  soooooooo hard to not eat. It's like when you don't have time to grab lunch or you forget, and by the time work is about to end you become a mixture between the dragon lady and cruela devil and fires coming out of your nose and the smallest things set you off. And then all you can think about is eating snickers cause the saying "you're not you when you're hungry " just replays in your head and it's the most tantalizing thing ever!! Lol.

  So here I am at herbalife. It's my 5th day. Pumpkin cinnamon roll. It's a good one. Idk if it's working yet. You're supposed to do two shakes a day and it comes with the tea each time.. and at six bucks a shake/tea. Hahaha. I work at a daycare ok. Ain't nobody got money for that. So I've just been doing one a day. I feel healthier. It's getting easier by a smidgen. And if it did work (I started on Tuesday, they're closed weekends, so Monday is day five) I blew it this weekend. Absolutely blew it lol. But it's much easier to stick with then working out and salad every day. In my opinion anyways. I eventually want to get the package. And when I do I'll let yall know how that goes :-):-)

Eat something greasy for me!!!!! 

Until next time! 

Classy Momma

Ain't nothing classy about it part 1

  About that sense of humor I mentioned. I have my son trained on his manners. He tells strangers hello and gives them hugs and high fives and has mini conversations with them. Please, thank you, I love you, excuse me, sorry, he's got all of that down. Really sweet kid. Really good kid. Of course he has his days when he's a terror but what kid isn't. For real though, he's a great kid.... but he's adapting our sense of humor. Haha. And yes, I will admit, I'm a bit proud..  Until I remember he's, ya know... has another month until he's 3 lol.
  Here's what I'm talking about, Garrett got out some mini spooners, which are malt o meal mini wheats, and Bubba said he wanted some and asked what it is (which a toddlers main priority comes first, "I want" and then they ask questions lol), the conversation went like this:
-daddy can I have some
-I guess
-what is it
-it's Fred (Fred is Gigi's cat, Gigi is Garretts mom)
-it's Fred? 
-yes it's Fred
-what's Fred
-this is Fred (shaking the bag) we chopped him up and put him in here and now we eat him
-and I eat him? 
-yeah, you eat Fred
-ok. (and in a casual,  non concerned voice) Mom, I'm eating Fred! 

Face palm!! And what else can I do beside laugh?? Absolutely nothing.
And not too long after this, Garrett was telling me sorry for smashing my guts, cause earlier he jumped on me and made my tummy upset so he's felt bad ever since, and he told Bubba to go love me and tell me sorry my guts are smashed and so he did and then he asked Garrett
-you smashed mommies guts?
-yeah, I smashed mommies guts
-oh, that's not very nice, we don't smash guts
-no it wasn't very nice
And a couple minutes later Garrett gets on his guitar and makes up a song "baby sorry I smashed your guts" and he starts singing a long "sorry I smashed your guts, sorry I smashed your guts" and went along with it.
Just let me tell you, I loved every minute of it!!

And there ain't nothing classy about it!!

Until next time
Classy Momma  

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Things my child says

I'll just be jumping right into this one :-)

Watching Tangled- 
Mommy, Tangled has boobs. 

I was changing in the bathroom, Bubba walks in-
It's ok mommy, I don't have boobs either.

We were laying down together cuddling-
Mommy, you have beautiful eyeballs.  

Just hanging out-
Mommy I like walking dead. We shoot the zombies in their heads. We say pewm pewm! Right in their head. (he was very proud he knew how to kill a zombie)

Kid Sense

  So as I said, I work at a daycare. It's the most stressful, funnest job you could have. Definitely isn't for everyone. Requires a lot of patience and control. And of course a person who is good with kids. 

 I don't want to brag or anything but uh... I got a way with the kids :p idk if you would say it's a charm, it's more of a sense..That the kids have....but you know how dogs can smell other dogs on you, and so when you first meet they're all over your legs sniffing, smelling the other dogs and make the assumption that because there was so much love in the smell, that means yall were friends so Hey why not let's be friends, and it becomes permanent by scratching their ears and a lick on the hand? Well I think that I've been around kids so much, that they just sense the other kids. Magically, or by left over boogies rubbed off, idk? But they see me. Watch me a little bit. Shy smile. I smile back. They grab my hand (oh hey complete stranger let's hold hands) crawl in my lap.. sneeze in my face.  And then boom! We're friends. 

  And I'm bringing this up because this happens everywhere, a lot!! No joke.
  For instance: Went to eat dinner with a friend and his family, his nephew was there. They told him about me having a son. Get there, and he was like "where's your baby?"  Told him he was coming with his dad. "Mmm. Ok. Hey do you have  a phone for me to play games on? " "yes" "can I have it?" "alright" and then not joking, coughed in my face, and asked "can I sit in your lap? ". Never met him before. And just like that. Buddies the rest of the night.

 Other time, we were at McDonalds, and were playing in the playhouse, played almost two hours just cause I made so many friends. Yeah. That's right. Made friends in the McDonalds playhouse. Don't judge me lol. It's like they just know. It's a kid sense :-)
  Am I the only one who has these random encounters? 

Lol until next time

Classy Momma

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Because you can't fly without a "Pilot"

Hello!  My name is Lyndsey. (I'm the one flying the plane.) I've been working in a daycare for two years and before that I was in a nursing home for three and ooooh do I have some rants and laughs to share. Below is my awesome son Jayden (we're in a blue phase right now so he has to have a blues lightsaber lol) and he is in my class at daycare. It's fun for the most part but sometimes we have our days as does any normal parent and kid relationship lol. And then there's Garrett (with the jedi braid he had to have lol) this man is amazing to us and shows us every day how much he loves us. And together they fly my plane "with the force" lol. They're into the whole starwars thing. I don't catch half of the references, but I'll support the cause :-)
  Anywho, we started our family young. And I'm not ashamed about it regardless of the looks I haven't gotten, and I wouldn't change a thing about it. Except maybe an under cooked chicken... bad hair cut... and sometimes the jedi braid ;) but set aside, having a family is a pretty amazing thing. Mind blowing to have so much love for two people who weren't originally in your life to begin with. And how your life turns into this incredibly beautiful chaotic mess of fantastic shananigans and then having to share that with a family you helped create. And I know if you're a parent you completely understand what I'm saying <3 

  I'm professional in my job. I'm composed in public. I like to think of myself "etiquette" in... most situations. And in some senses, the word classy comes to mind..
  I was raised the traditional way. Jesus was the head of the household. Used manners as much as you said "I love you". Respect your elders. Courteous to others. Had chores. Helped load firewood. Ya know. Things kids now a days don't know about. And of course, I have the same expectations for Jayden.
  Except there's this twist... I have this sense of humor.. WE, have this sense of humor. Ready for the punch line of the night?  "Ain't nothing classy about it"!
  I hope yall will enjoy the things I have to share. Laugh with me. Cry with me. Rant with me. The whole shabang.
Until then, keep in tune :-)
Classy Momma