Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ain't nothing classy about it part 1

  About that sense of humor I mentioned. I have my son trained on his manners. He tells strangers hello and gives them hugs and high fives and has mini conversations with them. Please, thank you, I love you, excuse me, sorry, he's got all of that down. Really sweet kid. Really good kid. Of course he has his days when he's a terror but what kid isn't. For real though, he's a great kid.... but he's adapting our sense of humor. Haha. And yes, I will admit, I'm a bit proud..  Until I remember he's, ya know... has another month until he's 3 lol.
  Here's what I'm talking about, Garrett got out some mini spooners, which are malt o meal mini wheats, and Bubba said he wanted some and asked what it is (which a toddlers main priority comes first, "I want" and then they ask questions lol), the conversation went like this:
-daddy can I have some
-I guess
-what is it
-it's Fred (Fred is Gigi's cat, Gigi is Garretts mom)
-it's Fred? 
-yes it's Fred
-what's Fred
-this is Fred (shaking the bag) we chopped him up and put him in here and now we eat him
-and I eat him? 
-yeah, you eat Fred
-ok. (and in a casual,  non concerned voice) Mom, I'm eating Fred! 

Face palm!! And what else can I do beside laugh?? Absolutely nothing.
And not too long after this, Garrett was telling me sorry for smashing my guts, cause earlier he jumped on me and made my tummy upset so he's felt bad ever since, and he told Bubba to go love me and tell me sorry my guts are smashed and so he did and then he asked Garrett
-you smashed mommies guts?
-yeah, I smashed mommies guts
-oh, that's not very nice, we don't smash guts
-no it wasn't very nice
And a couple minutes later Garrett gets on his guitar and makes up a song "baby sorry I smashed your guts" and he starts singing a long "sorry I smashed your guts, sorry I smashed your guts" and went along with it.
Just let me tell you, I loved every minute of it!!

And there ain't nothing classy about it!!

Until next time
Classy Momma  

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