Saturday, June 22, 2013

Because you can't fly without a "Pilot"

Hello!  My name is Lyndsey. (I'm the one flying the plane.) I've been working in a daycare for two years and before that I was in a nursing home for three and ooooh do I have some rants and laughs to share. Below is my awesome son Jayden (we're in a blue phase right now so he has to have a blues lightsaber lol) and he is in my class at daycare. It's fun for the most part but sometimes we have our days as does any normal parent and kid relationship lol. And then there's Garrett (with the jedi braid he had to have lol) this man is amazing to us and shows us every day how much he loves us. And together they fly my plane "with the force" lol. They're into the whole starwars thing. I don't catch half of the references, but I'll support the cause :-)
  Anywho, we started our family young. And I'm not ashamed about it regardless of the looks I haven't gotten, and I wouldn't change a thing about it. Except maybe an under cooked chicken... bad hair cut... and sometimes the jedi braid ;) but set aside, having a family is a pretty amazing thing. Mind blowing to have so much love for two people who weren't originally in your life to begin with. And how your life turns into this incredibly beautiful chaotic mess of fantastic shananigans and then having to share that with a family you helped create. And I know if you're a parent you completely understand what I'm saying <3 

  I'm professional in my job. I'm composed in public. I like to think of myself "etiquette" in... most situations. And in some senses, the word classy comes to mind..
  I was raised the traditional way. Jesus was the head of the household. Used manners as much as you said "I love you". Respect your elders. Courteous to others. Had chores. Helped load firewood. Ya know. Things kids now a days don't know about. And of course, I have the same expectations for Jayden.
  Except there's this twist... I have this sense of humor.. WE, have this sense of humor. Ready for the punch line of the night?  "Ain't nothing classy about it"!
  I hope yall will enjoy the things I have to share. Laugh with me. Cry with me. Rant with me. The whole shabang.
Until then, keep in tune :-)
Classy Momma

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